While cannabis can enhance any activity, it especially compliments playing video games.

Increase in focus, a better appreciation for graphics, and interconnectivity with other players are all elevated by a little marijuana.

Whether you’re playing by yourself, at a party with friends, or across the seas from a stranger, here are some of the best video games to play while you’re high.

Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart 7 is a classic, and for a good reason. After all, there are contestants, cars, and weapons that all look like shrooms. However, the mayhem this game brings is an excellent way to pass some time while you’re stoned.

From the trippy twists and turns of Rainbow Road to sliding around Rosalina’s Ice World, you can really immerse yourself into the game. Many MK7fanatics find themselves leaning into tight corners and pulling back when they try to brake. Smoking before playing almost causes an out-of-body experience, promotes super-focus, and creates many laughs.

Jackbox TV Party Pack 6

Jackbox TV hosts a slew of online games that requires you to play in person or that can be shared through a Zoom conference. While they have an extensive library of games, nothing compares to their latest Party Pack.

Their game, Trivia Murder Party 2 is like trivia night at the pub, minus the bad jokes by the emcee. Speaking of bad jokes, test your inner standup comedian with Joke Boat. Your friends come up with scenarios, and you concoct the punchline!

Lastly, you can find out what your friends honestly think of you with Role Models. You’ll learn a lot about others (and yourself) playing this game. Also, there might be some hurt feelings. That’s why it’s better to play this game high rather than drunk.  

Playing Jackbox TV while you’re stoned is great because it’s a bonding experience between friends. Cannabis will only make the laughs last longer and allows for you to lose some inhibitions. This is especially necessary when you’re playing Role Models.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

You can actually play any Elder Scrolls high and have a good time. However, the gaming community is going wild for Skyrim. For one, the imagery is breathtaking. A few puffs as you take off in the woods, and you’ll be lost in the greenery. All the while, you’ll slay some dragons!

What we love about Skyrim is that it’s a choose-your-own-adventure. You can opt to do quests or decide to carry about your business. You’re not forced to follow any specific itinerary. There’s something to do for every high you have.

Tetris Effect

Did you get lost for hours playing Tetris as a child? Well, get lost in a trance as an adult with Tetris Effect. This PS4 game is like Tetris wenton vacation in Ibiza. You are treated to upbeat house music and a light show that’s dictated by how sick your Tetris moves are.

If you want to kick the experience up a notch, this game also has a VR option. Prepare to be dazzled by the vibrant colors that twinkle to hypnotic beats. Playing this game in VR with cannabis is the ultimate immersive experience.


Cannabis can be an excellent tool for enlightenment. You can get one step closer to achieving this nirvana by playing Everything. This highly philosophical game isn’t your average simulator. You can choose to be any living organism in the world in Everything, as you navigate a lifeform’s existence from birth to death.

This relaxing game exhibits how all life moves with rhythm. You can follow this rhythm as inanimate objects (like buildings), as bacteria, or as an animal. As you move along the game, there is no winning or losing. You just make decisions and observe how your character reacts. We promise that Everything is far more fascinating than it sounds!

The Stanley Parable

In need of a good laugh after playing Everything? Try The Stanley Parable on for size. The narrator, Stanley, is pretty funny. It’s a good thing he is. You play Stanley as he tries to figure out what made all of his co-workers disappear.

To play, you must interact with different elements in the environment. Stanley will prompt you to make a decision and offer insights about which direction he’d take. You get to veto his choice or go with the flow. Either way, you control the game with Stanley trying to pull your strings.

Super Smash Bros.

Can’t get much better than some cannabis, nostalgia, and beating up your friends. All of this is legally possible with Super Smash Bros. We love that this game stays true to its roots. It doesn’t matter if a friend hasn’t played since childhood. Like muscle memory, all your instincts kick in as you kick behind.

While the graphics aren’t always the greatest and the characters are always the same, the consistency is why Super Smash Bros. can bring everyone together. It’s the perfect game for hardcore gamers and casual players to bond over. Besides, nothing beats the thrill of dodging death, coming back, and slaying your buddies!

Kentucky Route Zero

Perhaps no genre of games is better high than episodic thrillers. You get everything we love about these games (with a southern twist) in Kentucky Route Zero. This game is in five acts. In the first act, you are trying to deliver antiques with your dog. We won’t spoil the fifth, but if we told you, you’d be like, “How on earth did we get here?”

Along the way, you will encounter ghosts and giant eagles. You’ll also make some new friends and get deep into the thought processes of your character. Plus, the graphics transport you into the scene. With a good high going, it’s hard not to get invested in this game.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Music can really set the tone for a good high. You can control the vibe by being the musician, thanks to Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. When you smoke, it’s easy to get lost in your fantasy. Playing the music with your very own hands only solidifies this mental transformation.

What we love about Guitar Hero is that it brings friends together in all the ways karaoke does. Yet, you can forgo all the bad singing. That’s not to say you’re still safe from an off-key friend or being that person yourself.

Ape Out

Did you ever think Pac-Man should be a little more violent? You get your wish Ape Out. In this game, you have a bird’s eye view of an ape escaping a cage. All of his handlers try to shoot him down. So, you must use your animalistic strength to throw them against walls.

What we love about Ape Out is the design. The colors are vibrant and unique. Not to mention, the sound design is fantastic. You feel like you’re in a 70’s cop thriller and a Quentin Tarantino movie all in one. Hence, this is why cannabis is helpful.