Liberal government rejects Senate changes to marijuana bill, vows all Canadians will be able to grow cannabis

The Senate adopted an amended version of Bill C-45 last week that gave provinces the right to prohibit home cultivation, but Ms. Petitpas Taylor said the House of Commons will reject the Senate’s amendment, along with 12 others. Under the government’s plan to legalize cannabis, Canadians can have up to four plants in their residence.

“Canadians can grow their own tobacco and make their own beer and wine at home…. People can already grow cannabis for medical purposes. We think it is logical for the proposed legislation to be consistent when it comes to recreational cannabis,” she told reporters.

Ms. Petitpas Taylor said that if individual provinces want to impose further restrictions on home cultivation, they have the necessary leeway to make up their own rules, within certain limits.

“Provinces and territories have the right to bring down the number to one plant for home cultivation,” she said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made it clear for weeks that he continues to favour the right of Canadians to grow their own cannabis. He added on Wednesday that the measure will be part of the three-year review of Bill C-45.

“One of the strong recommendations by experts was that we ensure that personal cultivation of four plants at home. We understand there are questions and concerns about this, and we understand it will be important to study the impacts of what we are doing and whether there will be changes made in three years,” Mr. Trudeau said.

Quebec and Manitoba have both decided to prohibit home cultivation in their respective legislation dealing with recreational cannabis.