48North launches Latitude: Canada’s first cannabis platform for women

Toronto, ON – Canada’s only licensed cannabis producer focused on the female health and wellness market, 48North Cannabis Corp. is today announcing the launch of Latitude. Latitude is an online platform that empowers, educates and breaks taboos through storytelling and authentic experiences of women and their cannabis use.

Beautifully curated with profiles, photo essays, infographics and a glossary of cannabis terms, Latitude speaks to a diverse group of women seeking to explore new latitudes with cannabis. Research indicates that 41% of current Canadian cannabis users are women and that 27% of adults who have used cannabis in the past will do so more often once legalized*. However, there are many Canadians still unsure of cannabis and Latitude provides a safe, stigma-busting space to host these discussions.

“Knowing that women make up nearly half of the current Canadian cannabis market, our goal with Latitude is to host candid, judgement-free conversations about cannabis,” says Alison Gordon, CEO of 48North. “Through sharing our stories, we can connect with women looking to evolve their path to well-being. Latitude is a resource to support women as they navigate the world of cannabis.”

Through Latitude, 48North aims to foster a growing community of cannabis advocates and ambassadors to lead conversations about breaking down the stigma of cannabis use. By representing real women sharing candid stories, Latitude offers women permission and agency to do what they need to do in order to make informed decisions about cannabis.

If you want to share your cannabis story, visit www.explorelatitude.com.