If you are reading this article, chances are – you’re either trying to quit smoking, looking for an alternative, or simply trying to learn more about vaping and what it’s all about.

In this section, we highlight 8 main differences between regular/conventional cigarette smoking and dry herb vaping.

Let it be known that any activity that involves combustion of any material is bound to produce stuff like tar and other harmful toxins/chemicals.

And while, not a whole lot of studies have been performed in this subject, it is believed (as per studies conducted by the UK based scientists) that vaping herbs is at least 95% safer than regular cigarette smoking. That alone should encourage many to quit smoking and move on to the vaping route.

What is the basic difference between the two?

Unlike a normal cigarette that you light on one end and smoke from the other, dry herb vaping is a little more elaborate. Essentially you need a special kind of device. You load up this device with the herb of your choice (generally it’s the cannabis).

Depending on the working mechanism of the device, it will slowly heat the herb which you then inhale.

Note – The quality of your vapes depends almost entirely on the quality of your device. That is why we strongly advise that you invest in quality equipment. To that end, Big Daddy Smoke is a promising online store to start with.

Let’s now look at how these two differ in more depth –

  1. Fewer chemicals

Smoking releases over 20 harmful chemicals which are cancer-causing aka carcinogens. The total number of chemicals released by a cigarette is over 7,000. We won’t stipulate that dry herb vaping does not produce any harmful chemicals at all. Because it does.

However, by the sheer comparison between the number of chemicals produced by a typical cigarette vs those produced by a vaping device – it’s clear that vaping is the lesser of two evils.

If you had to choose between the two, vaping is any day better than smoking.

2. Smell

Sometimes, just the way the smoke smells can be off-putting to those around. Vaping, however, does not have the ‘staunch’ that many detest. What’s more, it doesn’t stay on your clothes. The aroma of most herbs is rather pleasant. The difference in smell between smoking and herb vaping is of day and night.

 3. Maintenance

This is one area where vaping demands a little from the user. However, it’s totally worth it. Please note that all kinds of vaping devices would come with some level of necessary maintenance. To that end, make sure to clean the chamber and the airflow holes regularly with a cleaning cloth. Additionally, you may have to frequently replace the batteries or recharge it. But, that’s as far as the maintenance goes.

4. Upfront cost

Smoking doesn’t come with any upfront costs. However, know that it costs around $13 to buy a pack of cigarettes in New York. An average smoker tends to consume at least 5 packs a week. By simple calculation, the monthly cost of smoking turns out to be $260. Yearly it’s over $3,000.

With vaping, yes, there’s an upfront cost involved. Basic kits start as cheap as $50. In the long run, however, vaping is a more economical option. It’s really a one-time investment. Cannabis doesn’t cost nearly as much as cigarettes do. Therefore, in terms of cost-effectiveness, vaping is again a clear winner.

5. An endless variety of flavors

The sheer variety of flavors available for vaping dry herbs should appeal to the many. With smoking, you don’t get very many varieties. One of the greatest things about vaping dry herbs is that you can get hands-on whatever flavors your heart desires. There’s really no limit to it. Everyday new flavours of cannabis and herbs are hitting the market.

6. Temperature Control

With conventional smoking, there’s no way to control the temperature at which you inhale the smoke. This can be particularly taxing for those who are just getting started with smoking.

One of the promising things about vaping devices is that the majority comes with temperature control. You can increase or decrease the temperature based on your tolerance levels.

That means, no sudden burning sensation or massive hits that can leave you feeling momentarily paralyzed. This kind of provision is what many find a big reason to switch from smoking to vaping.

7. Possibilities of Fire hazard

Lighting a cigarette or a joint requires an open flame. The same is not the case with vaping. All the heating and combustion happens in a very controlled and confined manner. There’s no continuing open flame. That’s why it’s unlikely for a vaping device to accidentally cause or start a fire.

Most vaping devices and pens are designed in a way that automatically shut-off after reaching a certain temperature. Also, most of the heating happens through the electrical current. You can rest assured that even if you accidentally leave a vaporizer on, you won’t burn down the house.

8. Easy on the throat and lungs

Since you get to control the temperature at which you inhale the smoke, you can avoid accidentally burning your throat or lungs which happens a lot with regular cigarette smoking

Also, since the smoke quality is way milder, it’s not as harsh on your respiratory system.

The possibility of experiencing a coughing fit because you suddenly took a big hit is almost slim to none. This kind of promise doesn’t come with cigarette smoking.

In conclusion

There’s not one, not two, but way more reasons that make vaping dry herbs a much healthier, safer, and in general a lot more economical option than conventional smoking. If you are a chain smoker who wants to make a healthy life choice, vaping is definitely a good jumping up point to start. There’s no denying that vaping is also harmful. But, in comparison, it’s clearly the lesser of two evils.