AHLOT is a trans-modern brand that creates products that enrich their consumers smoking experience by delivering value and quality in the products. Listening to the needs and wants of their customers is of the utmost importance, and for this reason, they epitomize expansion. In order to expand in anything, it is imperative to view things from a higher perspective. When we are operating from a higher level of thought there truly is no end to the possibilities.

AHLOT Cannabis Collection is making is easy for those of us looking to sample different strains. Experienced smoker or not, there is so much value to be gleaned from their amazing concepts and products. They offer a discovery line and with this, cannabis enthusiasts and newbie smokers alike have the golden opportunity to sample and enjoy 5 premium Canadian cannabis brands without committing to a large quantity of a particular strain they may know nothing about (and may potentially not be fond of). This product contains five one-gram sample of high-quality cannabis available from a handpicked group of Canadian licensed producers. The licensed producers, brands and strains in the inaugural AHLOT Cannabis Collections: Discovery Series Vol. 1™

Introducing AHLOT Ritual Boxes.  This lovely little product is for recreational (and medicinal) marijuana use comprised of a beautifully handcrafted wooden box  offering consumers a luxurious and intimated experience. Gone are the days of the dirty stash, say hello to it’s glorious counterpart.


This company places a lot of emphasis on how deeply they appreciate and value the opinions of customers in order to constantly improve their products.

I love this idea because it is so forward-thinking and perfectly suited for the new chapter Canada is embarking on.

Now that the former stigma is starting to crumble and fall by the wayside everyone who is interested in the benefits of marijuana now has the ability to learn more and weigh their options, gleaning the most out of every experience.

“The first version of the Ritual Box was a handmade affair. Starting with cardboard and wood prototypes, we quickly moved into an all-wood model. Despite the prototypes being ‘rugged’ at best, there was an immediate sense that the Ritual Box was a useful product. Building off these prototypes, every detail from the modules to the accessories to the wood species and finish has been driven by one thing: community. Rallying a group of 50 beta-testers consisting of patients, activists, and everyday citizens, we were able to continuously improve the product and refine a customizable experience for all to enjoy.” – AHLOT Origin’s Story