In recent news, The AGLC is currently rejecting the opportunity to apply for licenses due to a national pot supply shortage. There will be no new businesses opening up within Alberta until further notice.  AGLC initially ordered enough product to support up to 250 retail stores in the first six months of legalization, so for those who have been patiently awaiting the green light for months, this is very disheartening news indeed.

It’s rough enough that these stores had to endure a nose-dive in business as they were unable to provide the masses with cannabis on Alberta’s official day of legalization, this unexpected delay is just the icing on the cake.

Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis professed that they had only received a measly 20 percent of the product they had ordered from licensed producers putting a major cramp in production and business revenue.

Each applicant can apply to run up to 37 stores. There are over 700 applications from roughly 430 applicants currently waiting in the queue for an Alberta store licence at this time.

Producers are working hard to keep up with the demand for supply, and the AGLC stands in support of private retailers, distributing the little product left to both private retailers and retaining some for online purchases in consideration for those who may not have access to retail stores near them but are still interested in purchasing.

People who have applied for licences will receive fee refunds if they want to withdraw their applications due to the inconvenient nature of the setback in business.