Could Detroit, Michigan be the next awesome stoner destination for April, 2020?

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The culture of marijuana just isn’t the same anymore. Big business is altering everything from where we buy our weed to how we celebrate 420.

I suppose it’s for the best. I always wanted to see marijuana legalized, in fact prohibition infuriated me.

Don’t get me wrong, it was still fun when it was illegal, but when people actually got caught it was like, “C’mon! Really?” Now, we can just order our weed for delivery and we make sure to look up discounts for 4/20 promotions. Imagine the deals in April of 2020!

Speaking of next April. You have to give a shoutout to Michigan. They legalized weed and will have recreational dispensaries open next year just in time for the most anticipated stoner month-long event of all time. Talk about the stars aligning. They represent the only state in the middle of the U.S. that will be commercially selling adult-use cannabis. The west coast of the U.S. is covered. California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Nevada all offer pot for sale to adults 21 years of age or older. The east coast only has Massachusetts, with more probably coming soon but not in time for next April.

Michigan is it for the middle of the country, including the massive city of Chicago. If you are in the heartland of the United States, love weed and haven’t made vacation plans for next April, I bet I know where you are going. Michigan is even an affordable place to vacation with lots of waterfront places to stay. Everyone is ramping up for it too. There is a business cannabis convention happening in Detroit on June 21st and 22nd called CannaCon. It started in Seattle, Washington and now they have them in Oklahoma (which recently legalized medical cannabis), Boston, Massachusetts and other places.

As business cannabis conventions go, CannaCon is a great networking event and exactly what Michigan cannabis entrepreneurs need. Not to mention the fact that hemp is now legal in the States and Michigan has prime land for hemp crops. They’ll extract CBD from it, make rope and clothes, it’s a food source and we use it as an energy source too. Pretty awesome stuff for a state that has had its share of economic troubles. After the economic boom from the car industry died down, Michigan really did not know what to do with itself. Now they have purpose again. Some estimates suggest that cannabis could be a nearly $1 billion industry for Michigan by 2025.

The exhibit floor for CannaCon, a cannabis business convention coming to Detroit in June.

I never understand why provinces in Canada and cannabis companies always have so much trouble getting on the same page. Then I look at the U.S. and I see all of its states having the same problem, just much worse. Michigan tried to legalize medical marijuana in 2012, but did not have a single store ready for sales until November of 2018. How does that work? You have patients that need access to medicine, you have voters that said they want it. How does 6 years go by? All well. They got it done now.

They have a population of nearly 10 million people relative to all of Canada at almost 38 million. Michigan has registered almost 300,000 patients and some estimates have their cannabis industry valued at around $900,000 million US by 2025. I bet it’s going to be a lot more. I say that, but only if cannabis companies know what to do about it, and the big litmus test will be the grand 4/20 month. They have some time to prepare and conventions like CannaCon are going to be big big difference makers.

Wholesalers come in droves to these things so that growers can find the right lighting systems and equipment to process their plants. They need to know how to make extracts and have the right equipment for processing it. Need to find the best deal for equipment? Go to a convention. Business owners also get a chance to meet other cannabis professionals that have been through it already and learn the tricks of the trade. They get to learn the law intimately too. I can only hope for the sake of Michigan’s economy that LP’s get it figured out in time.

Let’s be honest, legal weed is awesome. It’s almost always fresh and the variety is amazing. If you live in Michigan and love weed, you can only hope that business owners prepare well for next April. There is nothing worse than finding out that stores will not be open when the news has told you they would be. It’s even worse when you get to the weed store and they have run out of weed, which is a real possibility. It’s a serious commitment to develop greenhouses and indoor grow facilities, and produce all the plants that they hope to. Michigan has 3 different classes of licenses that permit certain amounts of plants. Class A allows 500 plants at a time, Class B allows 1,000 plants and Class C is 1,500. It’s a challenge to hit targets on cannabis production, unless you know what you are doing.

CannaCon Detroit Michigan is set to help the recreational marijuana rookie state kick things off.So assuming that Michigan does get its act together in time for what would be the greatest kickoff of a business industry ever, next April will be interesting. The parties and promotions will probably be epic, so I don’t see why some Canucks can’t head on down to Michigan too. Yeah, I know you got your weed, so then why ever go down to the States? That’s right, it’s fun. Michigan is right over the border and Detroit may be the next spot to be in 2020. Let’s all just hope that CannaCon has a big turnout and Michigan kills it next year. That way we all have another super cool spot to chill and indulge in some sativas, indicas, edibles and some serious dabs. In the meantime, Canadians can just chill up here looking at our southern neighbor stumble trying to figure out how to add weed to their already complex economy. Been there, done that.

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