RED - Fireside
Taste Great
Smells Bad
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VIVo Cannabis | 13.4% THC | <0.07% CBD
Hybrid -Spoetnik

PRICE/g $12.50
Packed: Aug 8, 2018
Available: OCS Online
Appearance: Small light green to orange buds. Light crystalline structure and tricomes evident.

A THC-dominant hybrid intended for the occasional consumer looking to get re-introduced to cannabis. Acceptable but not outstanding. Very expensive for what it is, and not a good value unless you are deliberately going ‘low and slow’.
Experience and taste
The product was dry but retained a fair bit of stickiness and smelled relatively fresh. Smell was a familiar pine/citrus combination of terpenes. When ground, product was acceptable for rolling, but a bit drier than preferred.

When smoked, the product had an agreeable aroma and medium citrus/spice taste.

COUGH COEFFICIENT: 5 (from 1-10. Higher = more coughing)

Effect and duration
Reasonably quick onset. Nice easy buzz, not overly intense, followed by relaxation effects. You should be able to dive into a video game or creative project and carry on with your day, driving excepted of course. No residual tiredness detected in early or late cycle. Duration: 1 hour, more or less.

We recently attended an event where we heard the VP of marketing for talk about the rebranding of his company, formerly known as ABcann Global, a Napanee, Ontario-based LP, which changed its name to VIVO Cannabis™ last summer. In a further effort to differentiate its existing medical brands with the recreational side, they created another brand called Fireside, which is ‘[t]ailored to the social user’, according to the company’s press release at the time.

The brand elements are certainly cool -stylish logo, which adorned the swag handed out.

When referring to the ‘social user’, do you think they are thinking you to be an occasional consumer, unsophisticated in your tastes, gullible in terms of price point or perhaps a combination of all three? If so, then consider this product ‘mission accomplished’.

The small buds that arrived were overly dry, perhaps due to the 90 days it was in the little plastic container but had a familiar pine/citrus combination to the nose when opened.

Mild, but still somewhat cough-inducing when smoked, the effect is almost immediate, but light and never overpowering. Vaped, the pine of the terpenes becomes more prominent and induces a cough spasm or two. The taste either way is more than acceptable.

The biggest negative one can argue here is the price, which at $12.50/g. meets or exceeds ‘craft cannabis’ prices without the payoff, except to the unsophisticated as previously stated.