CALGARY, Alberta, June 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FluroTech Ltd. (TSXV: TEST) (OTCQB: FLURF), a technology company focused on becoming the standard in the analytical cannabis testing market, is pleased to announce it has entered into an non-exclusive US distribution agreement with US based Mabre Corporation (“Mabre”).

The distribution agreement provides for FluroTech and Mabre to work together to introduce the CompleTestTM to a client list of approximately 26,000 potential customers.

“We believe it presents an important opportunity for us,” Said Rex Kary, COO of FluroTech “We have been focused on hemp compliance for a while now and we believe that this partnership with Mabre will introduce FluroTech to a lot more organizations that we believe our product can benefit.”

Mabre and their team bring over 40 years of agricultural/agronomic expertise and have a unique perspective on how testing on site can reduce the risk of hemp farmers losing their crops. Mabre believes that one of the biggest issues hemp farmers in the United States face is uncertainty. With fewer certified labs performing potency testing, the chances of ‘running hot’ on THC is a bigger problem for hemp farmers than ever before. Mabre goal is to help hemp farmers get the most out of their biomass and Mabre believes that partnering with FluroTech will give their current and future clients peace of mind by providing accurate and easy to operate on site testing. 

“After vetting other systems, we believe that the CompleTestTM by FluroTech offers the most accurate and reliable testing device currently available. We are proud to offer this state-of-the-art technology to our customers Coast to Coast across North America,” stated Dominic Paulhus, CEO of Mabre.

The Mabre team at will be actively engaged in introducing the CompleTestTM as a compliance solution to be adopted by hemp farmers who require accurate in-house potency testing.

FluroTech has recently launched the full potency testing module allowing CompleTestTM users to differentiate between THCA/THC and CBDA/CBD in their product.

About Mabre Corporation.

Mabre is an international service company that has been on the front line of innovation and improvement of agricultural heating and drying systems for over 40 years. They work to provide agriculture greenhouse and field farms with heating, air distribution and large to small scale drying systems for CBD hemp oil.  

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Contact Information

Mike Neutel
National Sales Representative

Mabre Corporation
La Palma, California – Waterloo, Ontario – Montreal, Quebec
5730 Rue Barre
Saint Hyacinthe QC, J2R 1E4, Canada

About FluroTech (TSXV: TEST) (OTCQB: FLURF)

FluroTech is a technology and marketing company whose core business is focused on the commercialization of new technologies in the Cannabis and Hemp industries. FluroTech’s proprietary spectroscopy-based technology allows for the testing and identification of organic and inorganic compounds contained within biological samples. Using technology that was first developed at the University of Calgary, FluroTech has created a two-part solution comprising a platform technology called the CompleTest™ and consumable testing kits.  Its accuracy has been independently validated. FluroTech continues to develop additional applications for the CompleTest platform technology. 

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Contact Information

Danny Dalla-Longa
Chief Executive Officer

FluroTech Ltd.
7 – 3535 Research Road NW
Calgary, AB T2L 2K8

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