SEATTLE, April 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via CannabisNewsWire — Due to the recent COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus outbreak and the resulting worldwide pandemic, Genius One, Inc. (“Genius”) determined to research and study potential treatment of life-threatening cases. A provider of a multifunctional device designed for flower and oil consumption, Genius pipes are used by modern consumers around the world for enhanced taste and a unique user experience.

“Because Genius is an avid member of the cannabis movement and industry, when we were looking at possible solutions, we naturally evaluated the cannabis plant along with various cannabinoids, including Delta-9 and CBDs,” said Dyan Ferman, CEO. “Our study focused on one main question: How can cannabinoids help in treatment of the virus, as well as virus-related complications and effects?”

As a result of the company’s research, Genius identified the following key points: 

  • The main cause of death from the virus is lung complications, followed by immune system overresponse.
  • Immune system overresponse, also known as cytokine storm, leads to the collapse of vital organs resulting in critical — even fatal — outcomes.  
  • The dynamics of cytokine storm can be altered and, in many cases, halted through the use of cannabinoids.
  • The fastest way to deliver cannabinoids into the body’s system is through blood circulation or direct-lung inhalation. 

“Based on our research, we have concluded that a compelling case can be made for using cannabis as a potential treatment for COVID-19 – related complications,” said Dyan. “We have gathered insightful articles and research to substantiate our findings, and we invite you to read this material and conduct your own research.”

Genius is also urging the medical community to consider beginning immediate trials to test cannabis as a treatment for this devastating worldwide disease.

The company’s conclusion is based on the following observations:

  • Cannabis is arguably the oldest medical drug that is used globally.
  • Cannabis has virtually no overdose risks; our own bodies actually produce cannabinoids.
  • Cannabis is available everywhere the virus is spreading while other drugs may not be as readily available.
  • Cannabis is free; anyone can grow it.

The company encourages any interested parties to evaluate the same studies, articles and research it did*. The research can begin with the following reading:

*According to the above sources, cannabis may not be beneficial in the early stages of the virus development. According to these studies, cannabis suppresses immune system response in certain situations and can be effective in cases of immune system overresponse. However, when the body’s immune system is working normally, cannabis may not be as beneficial. Cannabis users are advised to conduct further research into the matter.  

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