COCONUT CREEK, Fla., June 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Consortium, Inc. (OTC: GCGX), a vertically integrated holding company, today outlines its strategy of increasing monthly revenues from Indulge Oils.  This plan will take the Company from zero revenue to upwards of $400,000 net revenue per month.

Indulge Oils ( is sold at a minimum of $7,000 per liter with a potential of $9,000 per liter.  GCGX collects a minimum of $2,100 per liter and as much as $4,100 per liter, based on manufacturing costs that will hold at $4,900 per liter.  Based on the sales of 100 liters of Indulge Oils per month GCGX will collect between $210,000 and $410,000 per month after manufacturing costs of $490,000. 

The 100 liters per month will increase with manufacturing capacity as well as the sale of carts, tablets and edibles all hitting the market later this year.  Bulk Oil sales will generate steady monthly income for GCGX, but the real gains will come from using the oil to manufacture tablets, edibles, carts, and specialty blend carts.  Those 4 markets enjoy healthy margins in the 80 percentile making them much more lucrative than selling bulk oil.

10 liters of Indulge Oils was manufactured and is set to be sold this week, completing a monumental step for GCGX to show its ability to have revenue. 

It costs $490,000 to manufacture 100 liters of Indulge Oils; GCGX now has the ability to raise $150,000 for the manufacturing of 30 liters of Indulge Oils, that will generate a minimum of $210,000.  Since GCGX has already covered the manufacturing costs, all $210,000 will be used to manufacture an additional 40 liters of Indulge Oils.  GCGX will reinvest its proceeds each month until 100 bulk liters of Indulge Oils is being sold on a monthly basis.  Additional oil will be manufactured and used for the production of carts, specialty blend carts, tablets and edibles.

The $150,000 will be a straight loan, no equity kicker and non-convertible.

About Global Consortium, Inc.

Global Consortium, Inc. (OTC: GCGX) is a vertically integrated holding company whose portfolio includes California-based Indulge Oils, a premium “pesticide-free” brand known for its purity and high quality. Global’s growth strategy is to acquire brands and marketing channels to build awareness for the brands within its portfolio.

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