Imagine bringing marijuana on board during your next flight going for vacation?

As fun as that may sound, many people find it hard and confusing considering the different laws allowing the use of recreational marijuana. In addition, finding a dispensary selling the merchandise can be hard.

However, these setbacks shouldn’t limit you from partaking while on vacation. To make it easy for you, we’ve created this guide on what you need to know and things you should avoid.

Purchase Only Enough Weed

It makes sense to purchase enough weed to consume when visiting a weed legal state. With just the right amount, you remove the temptation to pack it on your way home. In return, you avoid getting in trouble since weed is prohibited on a federal level.

How much weed is enough entirely depends on you. There’re several factors that you can use to determine how much marijuana is enough. These include your experience using weed, the form the weed is in, how long you’ll be on vacation, and your size.

If you are having trouble determining how much pot is enough, consider asking the opinion of the budtenders. It is important to note that not all budtenders are equally scrupulous when making personal recommendations.

Understand How Strong Is the Bud You’re Buying

If you want to have an enjoyable vacation flying with cannabis, you need to understand the composition of your marijuana strains. Gone are the days when picking marijuana strain was easy. Nowadays, dispensaries are selling cannabis stronger than what was available in previous years.

Previously, the psychoactive part of marijuana, THC, used to amount to about 10% and at that use to make users get stoned. Dispensaries nowadays are selling pot with THC amounting up to 30%, which is quite powerful compared to 10%.

Another essential thing to note is the type you’re buying; Sativa, indica, or a hybrid. Sativa strains give an energetic and uplifting feeling while indica makes you feel more relaxed and laid-back. It’s important to understand the weed’s kooky names as each name determines the amount of Sativa or indica in the weed.

Take Time to Familiarize with the Available Weed Choices

Many dispensaries are stocked with a variety of weed choices which can easily overwhelm you when shopping for vacation. Some come in the form of candy, other as plants for sale, fluffy buds, beverages, or capsules. 

You can easily make up your mind on which type to buy by looking at the nitty-gritty written on display. The information here mostly indicates the amount of THC or CBD, the grower, its expected effects, and the price.

Quick advice, if you are a non-smoker, the edibles will be a great choice. Also, unless you’re a cognoscente, leave the pot newest creations, wax, oil, and shatter, to the pros.

Common Weed Mistakes to Avoid While on Vacation

Getting stoned when on vacation can be fun. However, you need to avoid these mistakes to avoid getting on the wrong side of federal law.

  • Avoid buying too much– the fact that pot nowadays is packed with almost over 30% THC means that you only need a considerable amount to get high. Unless you want to leave most of your merch in rental cars or Uber, buy just an eighth or less. If you run out, you get a perfect reason to try pot from a different dispensary.
  • Don’t get too high– feeling high feels good when done the right way. Smoking too much gets you way too high, which is not as pleasurable as merely high.
  • Not being discreet– when it’s easy to fly with cannabis to weed legal destinations, you must follow the federal law when it comes to where you smoke. Not everyone in these destinations enjoys the smell of pot, making it essential to avoid smoking just about anywhere. Smoking in the wrong places such as public parks, sidewalks, and ski slopes might get you on the wrong side of the law.
  • Undermining the edibles– it’s easy to assume that the edibles are weak and, hence, consume more than the recommended amount. Although the effects of THC take longer to kick in when digested than when smoked, it’s essential to plan your timing well. Avoid taking too much at once, but also plan the waiting intervals to avoid waiting too long before you can feel the effects.

Familiarize with the Weed Laws of Your Destination

Before packing weed to take on your vacation, make sure you’re familiar with the recreational marijuana laws of your destination. You should also need to familiarize yourself with the possession and transportation laws of that particular state.

To avoid finding yourself in unreasonable legal conflicts regarding marijuana possession and use, consider consuming your weed in the state where you bought it. Your best bet to enjoying your pot while traveling abroad is understanding the set laws regarding cannabis use in that state.