Krishna Andavolu, host and executive producer of Weediquette, a documentary series from VICE Media chronicling the science, politics, culture, and economics of cannabis, has joined the program of the O’Cannabiz Vancouver show, December 10th and 11th at the  Parq Vancouver Casino and Resort in downtown Vancouver.  During this once-in-a-generation shift in worldwide consciousness, Krishna has, in 3 seasons (26 episodes) covered cannabis and PTSD, equity in business, the beginnings of the international supply chain, and much more.


If you have any pre-conceived notions as to who Krishna is or what is talk will be about, be prepared to have those notions crumble.  His topics cover broad social issues that transcend cannabis per se and delve into crime and punishment, racial and social inequality, pot use in sport, education and communities.  He is well-spoken and insightful.  You have to have a licensed streaming account with one of the major providers to see most of his shows, but there are some clips around if you don’t know his body of work.


Krishna joins an outstanding list of speakers that include Emmy Award-winning television host and pop culture icon Ricki Lake regulatory experts such as Deepak Anand, Vice President of Government Relations, Cannabis Compliance Inc., C-suite execs suc such as Cam Battley, Chief Corporate Officer of Aurora Cannabis  and internationally-acclaimed cannabis research scientists such as Dr. Dedi Meiri, Principal Investigator, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research,  at this year’s event.

If cannabis is your business, then make time for this show, as it promises to be as good as the Toronto event earlier this year.