by Eric Vengroff, Financial Analyst,

The Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo (“Lift & Co. Expo”) will run this weekend from May 25 to 27, 2018, and has a host of industry talks, exhibitors and various industry-driven events.  It isn’t the first ‘pot expo’ run at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and no doubt will not be the last however; it is interesting to see the changing nature and tone of the events that I’ve witnessed over time.

I attended a number ‘medicinal’ shows for a few years and invariably they were in general loosely run and poorly organized gatherings.  The vendor areas often had a cheap, carnival atmosphere about them, selling pipes, blown glassware and assorted paraphernalia.  The speakers were often activists and lawyers who railed against the regulations of the day.  At one event, the vape room was especially popular, but was only accessible to those who had been pre-cleared under the one legal method by which they could (and indeed only still can) acquire and consume cannabis legally -as a patient.

Federal election. Turn the page.  Everything has changed -except the law.   The topics have though. They include next generation business systems; corporate citizenship; and expansion via collaborations, partnerships and mergers & acquisitions.  And no wonder, the people speaking, exhibiting or selling aren’t blowing glass for a few thousand a month.  These are leaders of multi-million, in some cases multi-billion-dollar valuation companies, science, law, academia and government. Jessica Billingsley, President & CEO of MJ Freeway; AC Braddock, the CEO of Eden Labs; Vic Neufeld, President and CEO, Aphria; John Prentice, CEO, Ample Organics; and Andrew Wheatley, Jamaica’s Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, among others.

Over the weekend over 250 international exhibitors on the trade show floor will be part of the consumer expo, featuring products of all sorts, including a buyer’s guided experience of the various vaping products on the market. Again, don’t plan on getting in there unless you’re a patient.  I’m not, so  so if you go, look for me and say ‘hi’ outside of the door with the security guard beside it.


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