Eric Adams, President and CEO of InMed Pharmaceuticals.

InMed is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol IN. We are a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the research development and commercialization of cannabinoid based pharmaceutical products.

We have a unique proprietary biosynthesis process that we’ll use to manufacture these cannabinoids. We don’t grow any marijuana plants, we make the cannabinoids in a laboratory setting.

We do not use any THC in our products, this is important our goal is to treat the disease not to have any side effects that may adversely affect the patient.

We apply our drugs specifically to the side of the disease using topical formulations. We believe that that’s the most efficient way of treating these diseases and minimizing the amount of drug that’s used in the patients.

InMed Pharmaceuticals is a pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that specializes in developing novel therapies through the research and development into the extensive pharmacology of cannabinoids coupled with innovative drug delivery systems.

InMed is utilizing its proprietary bioinformatics assessment tool to identify bioactive compounds within the cannabis plant that have the potential to have physiological impacts on specific diseases. The goal is to identify new drug candidates that optimize therapeutic benefit while limiting adverse effects.

InMed’s proprietary in silico drug/disease bioinformatics assessment tool, cannabinoid biosynthesis technology and drug development pipeline are the fundamental value drivers of the Company.

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