Tomorrow, the 2nd Annual O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo, looking at the future of legalized cannabis  and the budding Canadian market will be taking place. The O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo, presented by accounting firm MNP and licensed producer Tweed Inc. is returning to Toronto at the International Centre. This second-year business event will  explore the  latest  regulations,  industry standards and best practices for medicinal and recreational marijuana in Canada, a country at the forefront of cannabis legislation and outlook.

Named Canada’s leading cannabis industry event by High! Canada Magazine, the event will feature over 100 industry speakers from across North America with workshops, seminars, keynote addresses as well as showcase more than 200 vendors and a variety of merchandise.  New this year is the first annual O’Cannabiz Hackathon, a competitive innovation event sponsored by Trellis Solutions Inc.  Teams of multi-disciplinary hackers, including engineers and software designers will work for 24 hours straight to  solve a challenge (to be revealed at the opening of the Hackathon), with the end goal to build a working  prototype to present and pitch to a panel of judges.

The Conference’s opening keynote speaker will be Steve DeAngelo, Co-Founder and President of Arcview Group, a company formed to introduce investors to the cannabis community.  A total of 112 speakers have been announced to-date.  Among them is a strong contingent of female entrepreneurs and leaders in the industry including Tracy Ryan, CEO of CannaKids, a cooperative focused on supplying medical cannabis oil to patients of all ages; Alison Gordon, CEO of 48North Cannabis Co. and co-founder of Rethink Breast Cancer, a skilled marketer who has  been  named one of Canada’s Top 10  marketers by Marketing  Magazine; Irie Selkirk, Market Actuator at Emblem Cannabis Corp, who combines cannabis advocacy and innovative vision to actively engage, competitively campaign, and provide education on cannabis and its products; Jodie Emery, outspoken activist and publisher; and Maya Elizabeth, CEO of Om Edibles who partnered with Whoopi Goldberg to create Whoopi & Maya, a signature line of medicinal products designed specifically for women.

Sessions will evolve around themes of:

Tech and Innovation, which have propelled this fast-growing industry;

Health and Wellness, which will explore de-stigmatization of cannabis and use in everyday life; and

Post-Legalization, including the complexities and questions that will come along with this change and how legalized cannabis will affect society.

The Conference and Expo features a wide variety of topics that illustrate the incredible scope of possible endeavours in the cannabis market, including the legal and compliance issues at the manufacturing, retailing, and consumer levels, the  pace  of  government  implementation at all levels, including the various  provincially-created  marketplace  scenarios,  technological innovation in everything from lighting, ventilation and yield management, “terpene  isolation”  technology  borrowed  from  perfume  labs  to  perfect  the  flavouring, newest  techniques in marketing, online retailing, displays and so on, to sessions on what Canadians can expect in a Post-Prohibition country. A panel of experts will attempt to answer the questions concerning Canadians the most. Will those charged with cannabis offences have their records cleared?  Is anyone liable for a cannabis smoker’s lost job opportunities and other criminal record ramifications?  How will a new openness affect marijuana’s integration into everyday life?  Will ‘stoner stigmas’ disappear?  There will also be a session on the new Cannabis Act and what it means for consumers, cultivators, and the country as a whole.

The show runs Friday and Saturday.  For further information visit

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