By Eric Vengroff, Financial Analyst, Cannabis Daily

Following up from their previously announced strategy, and as reported by Jessica Leeder in the Globe and Mail the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) showed off their first retail outlet, which they say is the only retail outlet in the world that combines liquor sales with recreational weed sales.

As per previous announcements, the 12 combined-product stores are expected to all be in operation by October 17th.

In compliance with federal regulations regarding plutonium -er cannabis, adults 19+ will be the only ones permitted in the cannabis room, and even then, they will not be able to see it. The presentation of the product, despite the aesthetics, harkens back to liquor access post prohibition. Even though provincial liquor laws have liberalized to the point that you can walk down aisles of the product you’re buying and can safely bring children into the store, the same will not be true at the NSLC Liquor/Cannabis stores. Parents with their children intent on making combined purchases will be turned away. “We will be politely asking them to come back at another time,” said Bret Mitchell, president and CEO of the NSLC.

The picture above shows you what the cannabis area at the rear of the liquor store looks like. Expect to be ‘triaged’ even if you are not a patient. The lengthy acquisition process, anticipated long lines to access the area and the paucity of locations, almost assures buyers looking to a acquire pot legally in October an arduous and thoroughly miserable experience. Lengthy wait times are already expected.

Products that will initially be sold include dried and fresh cannabis, cannabis oil and cannabis accessories. According to the Globe, Mr. Mitchell stated that about 75 different strains of recreational marijuana will be available in October. The category names are modestly amusing euphemisms that may serve to only further confuse the public, especially post-use.
Packaging increments include 1 gram, 3.5 grams, 7 g, 15 g and 30 g packages, the maximum one can acquire at once.

Recreational cannabis will be sold in 12 stores that are in population hubs in the province. The NSLC lists the sites as follows: the Amherst Mall, Antigonish, Dufferin St. in Bridgewater, Portland Street in Dartmouth, Joseph Howe Drive and Clyde Street in Halifax, Downsview Plaza in Lower Sackville, New Minas, Sydney River, Court Street in Truro, Yarmouth and East Side New Glasgow. All except the Clyde Street store will have retail cannabis sold at a store within our store. Clyde Street will be a stand-alone store.