The question SOG Vs SCROG is one of the most asked by many growers indoors. SOG Vs SCROG technique suggests two different growing techniques, that even being so different, give a solution to the same problem: Increase cannabis yields per crop. In this chapter we will compare SOG Vs SCROG method so every reader decides which one is better for his garden.

SOG technique (or Sea Of Green)

In previous chapters we spoke about SOG technique to increase yields per crop. As we described in that post, this technique is based in using the higher amount of plants per squared meter, being each plant smaller, so all the growing surface is perfectly covered by light and then the maximum performance is got, deriving in higher total yields per lamp.

SOG technique

SCROG Technique (Or SCreen Of Green)

If SOG technique uses many plants to cover a 1m2 surface, the SCROG technique looks for the same result, but working with as less plants as possible. While SOG technique usually uses many plants, with a short vegetative period given, to get higher yields with SCROG method growers must keep plants in vegetative stage for longer periods (enough to fully cover the growing space). One of the most noticed characteristics of SCROG method is placing a net to control the height of plants, bending the plants all over it, so you are actually guiding the growth of plants within the net.

SCROG technique


Now we updated the basis of each technique and main difference between them, we find the main doubt: SOG VS SCROG to get higher yields.
The answer, even quick, it needs to be precised, as it will be a grower’s decision for one or another, but in any case the conclusion is the same: No matter if we use one or another method in terms of yields, as the maximum yield we can get is the same in both cases, the difference will be which of both works better in a certain space, or which one fits better to our needings.

If maximum yields are the same, why choosing one method? In this blog we don’t like to tell growers what to do, saying one technique is better than the other, as in our opinion both methods are fully valid. Our job is not to tell readers what to do, but telling them different possibilities, so each grower decides, with the lesson learned, which method is better for his garden.


Advantages of Sea of Green Vs SCROG

As growers the advantages we see applying SOG technique are the following:
– Shorter vegetative period.
– Plants are easier to move.
– Quicker harvest.
– Less light consumption.
– Better yields if any plant is affected during the growing cycle.

Advantages of Screen of Green Vs SOG

The advantages of SCROG technique are the following:
– Lower budget spent in seeds.
– Easier to take care of few plants.
– Less water and nutrients consumption.
– Higher control over plant’s height.
– More uniform canopy.

Disadvantages of SOG

Not everything are advantages when we use a growing method. Lets detail disadvantages of SOG method:
– Higher budget spent in seeds.
– More difficult access to plants placed further.
– Less control over height of different tops.
– More difficult to grow different strains together.
– Number of plants could cause legal issues.

Inconvenients of SCROG

As it happens with SOG technique, growing in SCRCOG has its disadvantages:
– More difficult to move plants due to net.
– If one plant suffers during the cycle the yield decrease will be dramatic.
– Difficult to spray plants.
– Longer vegetative period.
– Higher light consumption.

Once said all these statements, for and against of each growing method, the following is giving to our readers our vision of when is better to use SOG than SCROG or vice-versa.

SOG Vs SCROG conclusion

Both techniques are valid if we adapt our growth to them. By adapting our growth to the techniques we mean growers have to follow a logic patern. It’s not worth it to use a net, if once placed we don’t properly fill the space to cover all the growing area. Same way, if we pretend to proceed with a Sea of Green, and we don’t use enough of plants to cover the growing surface, we’ll be missusing the light, what derives in a lower yielding performance.
In our opinion, a grower should know how to use both techniques, to adapt the use of one or another depending on the growing space, and strain grown. In example, a place where there is a limited ceiling height it is recommended to choose SCROG method, as it is a perfect technique to control plant’s height (specially if we like growing sativas, or hybrids we already know suffer a large stretch when flipped to 12/12). If the height available is not a problem (and our country has not set a limit to the number of plants you can grow at home), a Sea of Green will be much quicker, as couple of weeks of vegetative stage will be more than enough before turning plants into flowering stage.
Another good option to use SCROG method is growing outdoors, in this case not because there is an existing height limit, but in order to get a more discreet growth, avoiding plants to be seen by third people. Placing a net, in example 1 meter over plant’s pot, we can make the plant almost invisible to our neighbours. In addition, multiplying the number of tops, we’ll be acting to prevent mold (common in outdoor gardens due the large size of the main colas).

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