Perceptions are changing towards marijuana. Now that Canada has legalized adult-use cannabis and the U.S. has 33 states with a permissive medical marijuana program, and 10 states that have legalized adult-use cannabis, business is ramping up. One of the most significant hurdles for cannabis companies is overcoming the stigma associated with pot use. While fancy technology like vaping has taken the industry by storm in the U.S., in the end the age old traditions of weed will probably win the day.

A thick glass pipe from the me time box products one million free pipe giveaway can be a lifelong smoking companion.A glass smoking pipe, or what is also referred to as a bowl, may be the most commonly used tool for weed consumption. Especially considering Canada does not allow the sale of cannabis concentrates, yet, consumers are likely to go about smoking like they always have. Which is why Me Time Box is offering the free pipe giveaway. With tariffs on Chinese imports, Me Time wants to remind everyone that durable heavy glass pipes are still affordable and should remain the go to for marijuana enthusiasts here in North America and abroad.

Me TIme Box has one million durable glass smoking pipes to giveaway. One million pipes may sound like a lot, but it isn’t. According to a Statistics Canada report released back in April, 4.2 million Canadians reported using marijuana in the previous three months. According to a Gallup Poll from last year, 33 million U.S. residents have consumed marijuana in the last month. How many of them do you think use a glass bowl of some sort? While Me Time’s message is clear, the supply of these thick Californian glass pipes is very limited.

The free pipes you can get from Me Time Box Products consist of double and triple blown glass so that they can have a real chance at surviving a fall off of a table or slipping from someone’s hand. Too much of the cheap glass from overseas is this fragile thin glass that can hardly survive simply being placed on top of a hard surface. What is the point really? If the marijuana industry is here to stay then it is time for cannabis companies to step up and provide quality products to their consumers that can stand the test of time.

Get your free glass pipe from me time box products before they run out of smoking pipes for their free pipe giveaway.In order to make that message crystal clear to its customers, Me Time Box Products now has these pipes for their customers on a first come, first serve basis. They ship them to anywhere in the world simply asking that the customer cover shipping and handling. The customer may never need another glass pipe again, but if for some reason the pipe arrives broken, all the customer needs to do is take a picture of the broken pipe with their phone and email it to Me Time for a replacement. Another crucial part of bringing best business practices to cannabis consumers is proper customer service.

Here at Puffin Style, we are always interested in hearing back from our readers. What is your favorite form or cannabis consumption? Have you embraced edibles? Is rolling a joint or a blunt part of your tradition, or have you joined the vaping community? If you have a glass bowl that you have kept safe for years and has become your old reliable, send us a pic. We would love to show it off for you. Otherwise, it sounds like Me Time’s free pipe giveaway is exactly what you have been waiting for. Click HERE.