SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Feb. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Goldenseed, a California lifestyle cannabis and hemp brand and cultivator, today announced that its CEO Scott Goldie will be featured on the latest episode of Crafts-n-Crafts, a new online television series hosted by Zane Lamprey, entrepreneur, award-winning television host/producer and founder and CEO of the outdoor apparel brand Adv3nture. The episode is now available to stream on

Crafts-n-Crafts, which recently debuted on Lamprey’s social media channels and on DrinkTV and YouTube, is an interview series where Lamprey and his guests drink craft beer while doing crafts. The first two episodes amassed an average of 200,000 viewers each across all platforms. In the latest episode, Goldie, who has notably never used marijuana recreationally, rolls joints with Lamprey as their “craft” during the interview. Unsurprisingly, even with practice and lessons from some more experienced Goldenseed colleagues, Goldie struggled with the task. 

“This is a guy who owns a weed farm and can’t roll a joint,” teases Lamprey. “There’s two things we need to agree on: you need to learn how to roll better joints and you probably need to start smoking them.”

Lamprey recently entered into an agreement with Goldenseed to collaborate on Adv3nture apparel made from hemp and is an investor and member of the Goldenseed Board of Advisors. In January, Goldenseed made history as the first U.S.-based private cannabis and hemp cultivator and processor to be qualified by the SEC to sell its stock to the general public.

While they try their best to roll joints, Goldie educates Lamprey and viewers on differences between hemp, CBD and THC and some of Goldenseed’s innovative farming practices. Lamprey shares some of his favorite cannabis memories and stories with Goldie and elaborates on why he has partnered with and invested in Goldenseed.

“You guys know exactly where you’re going, as far as laws and regulations and what’s available, I think it’s amazing,” Lamprey told Goldie, “It’s cool to have invested in this company, I like what you guys are doing and I like talking about it.”

To watch Scott Goldie and others on Crafts-n-Crafts, visit Lamprey’s YouTube channel, Lamprey’s FacebookTV and InstagramTV or DrinkTV. The show is also available as an audio podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify.

To learn more about why Lamprey and others chose to invest in Goldenseed, please visit:

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Goldenseed is a California lifestyle cannabis and hemp brand focused on the cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality cannabis and hemp naturally grown in Santa Cruz, California. Deeply rooted in the California culture of artists, surfers, innovators, and diverse communities, Goldenseed aims to deliver quality products to a discerning clientele. For more information on Goldenseed, visit, and follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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