WAPPA - 7 Acres
A THC-dominant hybrid that delivers a premium experience at the lower end of the premium price range.
It's out of stock at the OCS! :-((
Taste & Experience90%
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7 Acres Cannabis | 18.4% THC | <0.02% CBD

PRICE/g $10.00
Packed: Aug 11, 2018
Available: OCS Online

Appearance: Medium green well-trimmed buds.  White crystalline structure and tricomes visible. Arrived in relatively good condition in the container.


A THC-dominant hybrid that delivers a premium experience at the lower end of the premium price range.  Enjoyable aroma and smoke.  For the seasoned consumer and not for the newbie, this product will start you off energetic, and not steal it from you later.   Dive into creative work or a lively discussion.

Experience and Taste

The product was dry and was a bit of sticky even after grinding. Product smelled fresh and citrus notes combined with a hint of cheese were detected. When ground, product was good for rolling or use in another appliance.

When smoked, the product had a very agreeable aroma, heavy-perfume smoke and mild taste citrus/spice taste. Does not appear to induce coughing.

COUGH COEFFICIENT: 2 (from 1-10. Higher = more coughing)

Effect and Duration
Reasonably quick onset. Intense, energetic buzz and euphoria. Wait 10 minutes and look for the neon sign that says STONED. Good for creative project or discussion. No tiredness detected in early or late cycle. Duration: 1-2 hours depending upon tolerance.


Our review panel recently met to review this offering from 7 Acres, which to our great misfortune is currently out of stock at the OCS, along with much else.

The motto of 7 Acres, recently named “Cannabis Brand of the Year” at the Lift & Co. 2018 awards, is “Respect the Plant” and this is manifest in the quality and condition of the products they deliver.

We ordered a 3.5 g container that had reasonably-sized buds that arrived well-trimmed, dry, and it was a visual and olfactory treat when opened. White fuzz was evident on the larger buds and the smell was strong citrus with cheesy aroma present in the background. I believe that the cheese notes help to balance the flavor and reduce the cough factor.

Our test panel thoroughly enjoyed their experiences all around. Good taste, good vibes and lots of energetic and lively discussion.

High marks on all of our key metrics.

At $10.00/g. this product appears to be priced at the lower end of the premium cannabis price and delivers on all fronts. The panel agreed that this product may not be suitable for inexperienced or new consumers, as the intense initial buzz and high energy may be misinterpreted by the body and brain and lead to bouts of confusion or ‘high-school paranoia’. Be advised that this is a strong, high-energy weed that is best experienced in a group able to support your experience.