It’s on the cheaper side for this THC concentration.
Dry, dusty, harsh and not too effective.
Taste & Experience55%
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Redecan | 19.0% THC | <0.07% CBD

PRICE/g $9.00
Packed: July 24, 2018
Available: OCS Online

Dark green to orange buds.  Little crystalline structure and tricomes evident.  Stickiness retained.


Dry, dusty, harsh and not too effective.  It’s dank, musty aroma and strong taste do not resemble the legendary strain for which it is named, nor does it demonstrate much of the effect. A disappointing early entry in the legal cannabis market.

Experience and Taste

The product was dry but retained a fair bit of stickiness and smelled relatively fresh. Smell was a familiar pine/citrus combination of terpenes. When ground, product was acceptable for rolling, but a bit drier than preferred.

When smoked, the product had a harsh, musty aroma. One panelist described it as ‘swampy’.

COUGH COEFFICIENT: 7 (from 1-10. Higher = more coughing)

Effect and Duration
Slower onset and dullness, lethargy early cycle. Take a moment before engaging in any activity and let the effect settle before attempting anything creative. Slight tiredness perhaps, otherwise bit much. No serious typical dehydration. Duration: 1.5-2.0 hours.


The first time I ever experienced White Widow was in 2009 in Utrecht, Holland, when I was there for a conference.  Like Amsterdam, roughly an hour away Utrecht, a liberal-thinking school and government town had ‘coffeeshops’ that sold legal weed.  I asked the friendly person behind the counter for something that would be good during the strong, good during the daytime, and didn’t leave you feeling tired or drained afterward.

Perhaps it was the environment, the excitement of being on a European adventure, or the pure excellence of the product, but the next couple of hours and subsequent days were wonderful.  The man had sold me exactly what I wanted.  I learned not to be far from a source of hydration for long, after consuming.

Fast forward nine years and one of the first things I see listed on the OCS website was White Widow by Redecan – and unlike so many other items listed, it was available!  The prospect of getting something as good as my very memorable batch in the Netherlands was irresistible, and I ordered 7g.

Despite the ongoing rotating postal strikes in Canada, the product arrives in a week.  The buds had been in the jar for 90 days prior to opening.

The overall experience did not remotely approximate the previous one and was a huge disappointment.  Later, I read about other customers who bought other batches and other strains from this grower, reporting mold and other issues, prompting a recall.

If this product is still available, avoid it, as it is not a good value.  If you try this grower, perhaps it may be best to wait until new product is available.