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The O’Cannabiz Industry Awards Gala is a national annual event, honouring Cannabis Professionals and Companies, recognizing excellence and innovation in our industry. You may choose up to three (3) nominees per award. You do not have to vote in all award categories if you choose not to.  In the “Best Cannabis People” category please use full names.

How Are Winners Selected

Nominations and voting are open to all Cannabis Industry Professionals. Your name and company website on the registration page will serve as proof of work in the industry

O’Cannabiz Industry Awards Gala – How to vote:

Click on the “Vote” button and register to vote (if you have not already registered for the nomination process). Registered voters will only be able to vote once, per email address, during the voting period. Once registered, your nominations and voting will be stored in the database so you may come back and complete at your leisure (within the voting period)

All winners will be announced live at the The O’Cannabiz Industry Awards Gala on April 23, 2020. Winners will also be notified by email and on the O’Cannabiz website and our social media platforms after the event.

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Voting Categories

Below are the available categories and their criteria/description.

Nominations are open until Friday, February 7th, 2020 – Registered users can make up to 3 nominations per category. Once registered, your nominations will be stored in the database allowing you to come back and complete at your leisure (until Friday, February 7th, 2020.
Please provide as much information as possible, each submission will be reviewed by an awards committee. Self nominations are accepted.

1. Best in Cannabis Industry (17 total awards)

Vote for the best in the industry. Nominations in the category is done by industry professionals and reviewed by a committee. Judging is done online by cannabis industry voters.

Best Industry Organization of the Year

This award recognizes our tireless trade associations, who represent and advocate for our industry and its professionals to protect and educate our expanding industry.

 Best Canna Innovation

Recognizes an innovative product, service or concept that enhances the cannabis industry.

 National Start-Up of the Year

This award is dedicated to the fearless start-up companies that have shown innovation, leadership and contributes greatly to our Canadian Cannabis landscape.

 Best News Source

Open to print, digital, and online companies that provide us with the best possible Cannabis news and information pertaining to our industry in Canada.

 Best Marketing Campaign

In this world of restricted marketing opportunities, these Cannabis related companies have managed to get their message heard above the crowd across all forms of media.

 Green Deed(s) Award

The Cannabis industry has taken green initiatives to heart as a core value. This award recognizes a company or organization that has embraced green initiatives.

 Brand of the Year

Like any other service or product, branding is a large part of Cannabis customer outreach. These nominees have captured the essence of brand management and recognition. The award will recognize innovation and execution of powerful branding strategies.

 Licensed Producer of the Year

The LP’s are at the core of our entire industry and it will be our industry itself that will decide who exemplifies top service, top quality products and makes a true contribution to our business.

 Best Software

Whether its seed to sale software, inventory tracking or retail management, these top developers are acknowledged.

 Best Lab Testing Facility

These labs and testing facilities provide cannabis growers and producers state-of-the-art cannabis analysis and consistent reporting. We recognize their excellence.

 Best Cannabis Cultivation Product

This award covers the wide variety of products that contribute to the efficiency and quality for Cannabis growers and producers. Nominees can include but are not limited to: Trimmers, Extraction Equipment, Nutrients Companies, Lighting etc.

 Best Security Service

This award recognizes the companies that keep an incredibly valuable products and properties safe and monitored with some of the best state of the art equipment available.

 Best Packaging Supplies and Equipment

Packing supply distributors and equipment manufacturers that provide compliant solutions to the cannabis market.

 Best PR/Agency

Creating brand awareness and communicating to our clients are two key pieces to marketplace success. This award recognizes the creative minds that help put our companies on the industry map.

 Best Engineering Firm

Using their in-depth skill sets engineers solve problems. Categories include engineering, automation, virtual design, facility management and construction.

 Best Non Profit, Charity or Community Initiative

These organizations support our industry stakeholders and researchers, helping to advance medical cannabis through patient treatment education and advocacy, as well educating the public on the various options available to all.

 Best Cannabis Consultant or Business Consultant

Or industry consultants work with companies to help them increase efficiency, hire top personnel and create strategic planning ensuring their further success.

2. Best Cannabis People (5 total awards)

Nominations in the category is done by industry professionals and reviewed by a committee. Judging is done online by cannabis industry voters.

Cannabis Person of the Year

Honouring an individual’s exemplary service and dedication to our ever-changing industry, this person makes a difference and stands above the crowd, bringing strength and leadership to a burgeoning industry.

 Outstanding Educator of the Year

Encompassing private, public and online educators who drive forward progress providing current and valuable information through their passion for a stronger education.

 Social Media Influencer of the Year

As an industry that was born into the era of social media, the winner of this award will have utilized all the tools at their disposal to inform, entertain and reach a larger public.

 Medical Cannabis Professional of the Year

With all the attention on the recreational stream, the Medical Cannabis Industry is still thriving and providing patients with targeted treatments and care. This award celebrates these “Patient Educators” who act as advocates for patient health and develop comprehensive medical cannabis plans, while also acting as the liaison between the patient and the medical cannabis producers.

 Attorney of the Year

Canadian Lawyers require an in-depth knowledge of a complex set of regulations that are constantly changing. This award goes to the attorney that shows exceptional detail and diligence in their practice within the Cannabis industry.

3. Retail (7 total awards)

Best Customer Service

The consumer demands not only quality products but the ability to give feedback and ask questions. Friendly, informed customer service teams create brand loyalty and preserves the LP’s reputation.

 Best Clinic

Top medical cannabis clinic in Canada.

 Best Top Retail Store (Single Location)

A great store answers your questions and provides top-notch quality. This award celebrates the individual stores that provide exceptional service.

 Best Retail Chain

As we expand our engagement with an ever-growing customer base, providing experiential excellence across multiple outlets ensures success and long-term customer loyalty to their brand.

 Best Budtender

A great budtender understands the needs of their customers and matches them through a deep knowledge of the products available, ensuring the best experience possible for the buyer. This award celebrates their “front line” expertise and commitment.

 Best POS/CRM Software

Top retail Point of Sale and CRM software for the Cannabis Industry

 Best Packaging

You know you have a great product, its well branded and is available to the end user…the last hurdle is your packaging. Identifiable, well made, branded and gives pertinent information all in a small well designed form. This award recognizes the best of packaging for both medicinal and recreational products.

4. Cultivation (6 total awards)

Best Extraction Equipment or Facility

Before any CBD oil, THC tincture, or cannabis concentrate can be bought, it has to be extracted. These nominated companies represent the cutting-edge equipment suppliers and facilities that remove the coveted cannabis compounds from the plant’s matrix.

 Best Lighting Company

Lighting your greenhouse is a tricky business. Long life, durability and small power consumption, can make all the difference to cost vs. crop output. This award recognizes the best lighting product used and voted on by the cannabis industry.

 Best Cultivator

As public demand for various strains evolves, our cultivators are responsible staying ahead of the curve with high quality products for our medicinal and recreational users.

 Best Trimmer

The consumer demands consistent product quality and a great trimmer delivers that consistency every time. The voters will choose the “best of the best trimmers” in this category.

 Best Nutrients Company

Creating the perfect nutrient balance, based on the strain and growing conditions, is an art as well as a science. This award will recognize one of the top companies providing a balanced and effective nutrient.

 Best Home Grow Box

Growing at home has become a real and “growing” option. However, ensuring that your home-grown is of high yield and quality you need the right tools. The winner of this award will have created a top-quality package to help the home grower achieve success.

5. Cannabis 2.0 (4 total awards)

Best Edible Product

The “no smoke” revolution will enjoy huge market growth in the coming years. This award recognizes the products that are at the forefront of the edible market.

 Best Infused Beverages

Our industry is on the cusp on changing how we enjoy our favourite “bevvy”. We are about to see a new landscape of options. This award celebrates the forward-thinking companies and products that will soon be available to the marketplace.

 Best Topicals

Cannabis-infused topicals, creams, lotions, salves, are exciting options for Canadians interested in cannabis’s therapeutic potential. This category will nominate some of these groundbreaking products.

 Best Capsules, Tinctures, Concentrates

These nominated products offer truly unique benefits, including precise dosing and refined flavors, while maintaining a focus on the ingredients in cannabis that matter most.

6. People’s Choice (12 total awards)

Nominations in the category is done by industry professionals and reviewed by a committee. Judging is done online by recreational and medicinal users and consumers.

Cannabis Product of the Year

In a world where new Cannabis products are hitting the shelves constantly this award will go to the most impactful product released in the last year.

 Best Vaporizer

Vaping is proving to be a top choice for consumers and this award honours the best of the best of these products.

 Best Pre-Rolls

The demand for ready-made recreational and medicinal smokables is on the rise. This award recognizes quality and consistency in the marketplace.

 Best Accessory

Canadians are presented with a myriad of accessory options. This award recognizes a top consumer product in the country.

 Best App

Ease of use, convenience and friendly user interface all contribute to a great app. This category features some the best on offer.

 Best Soft Gel

Best recreational and/or medicinal Soft Gel

 Best CBD Oil

Best recreational and/or medicinal CBD Oil

 Best THC Oil

Best recreational and/or medicinal THC Oil

 Best Blend Oil

Best recreational and/or medicinal Blend

 Dried Flower – Best Sativa

Best recreational and/or medicinal dried flower Sativa

 Dried Flower – Best Indica

Best recreational and/or medicinal dried flower Indica

Dried Flower – Best Hybrid

Best recreational and/or medicinal dried flower Hybrid



THURSDAY APRIL 23, 2020, at Toronto Airport Marriott
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**NOTE: This event is not open to the public. It is an exclusive event to recognize the Industry’s Best professionals and products. For consideration please complete the the registration form. We will contact you directly when you are approved to purchase an actual ticket(s) to this event.You must be 19+ to purchase a ticket/attend

Thursday, April 23, 2020
Location: Toronto Airport Marriott
7:00 PM Cocktail Reception
8:00 PM Dinner / Awards Gala
9:30 PM VIP Awards After Party