Rapper Wiz Khalifa takes fans on a tour of his mansion, complete with a machine that rolls 100 joints at a time.

To no one’s surprise, Wiz Khalifa’s mansion includes a ‘dab bar’ and ‘weed wall.’

The rapper recently gave a tour of his crib for a web series created by Architectural Digest, titled Open Door, which features celebrities walking through their lavish homes. The program’s concept is similar to that of the popular television series MTV Cribs.

In the Wiz Khalifa episode, the best-selling artist gives a tour of his home, located in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Khalifa rents the $4.6 million mansion for a whopping $16,000 a month. He has been living in the Mediterranean-style mansion for approximately four years with his five-year-old son, Sebastian.

While the six-bedroom mansion includes a heated swimming pool, a balcony with a valley view, and a personal recording studio, it’s the game room that should be of most interest to herb lovers.

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