• Industry-leading technology for decontamination and curing.
  • Pro+ Curation units reduce cure times by up to 75%; increase product consistency to less than 1 standard deviation.
  • Only patented technology of its kind.
  • In use across 10 states and 3 countries.
  • Push button control of entire curing process.

DENVER, July 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Yofumo Technologies, Inc. today announced that they have released their third generation flagship Pro+ model for commercial curation. Manufactured entirely in the US by Yofumo’s DOD certified manufacturing partner, the transition to industrial line manufacturing of the Pro+ was completed over an 18 month period, beginning in 2018.

The Gen 3 Pro+ Cure expands on the performance of its pioneering Gen 2 predecessor providing a more rugged frame in Marine grade 5052 aluminum, new proprietary hospital grade humidification, and a new thermal envelope, providing efficiency increases exceeding 30% over the previous model.   The Gen 3 accommodates a variety of curing substrates, patented by Yofumo, allowing for the curation of multiple forms of biomass, making the Pro+ adaptable to the most diverse set of curation parameters anywhere. 

Ideal for mid-size and large commercial operations with diverse crop harvests, the Yofumo Pro+, in both Decontamination and Curation configuration, addresses all the needs of commercial growers. The Pro+ provides unparalleled capabilities while occupying the smallest possible footprint – under 3’ x 3’ in total area.

Yofumo’s Pro+ offers the only decontamination and cure process that preserves the complete terpene and cannabinoid content of treated flower. Users can dial in to specific cure profiles to maximize compounds and achieve full maturation.

Yofumo units are presently operating in 3 countries and 10 states. Yofumo’s patented ozone-based antimicrobial process provides the most effective cannabis decontamination available and preserves the complete terpene and cannabinoid profile of treated product.  To learn more about Yofumo and the Pro+, call 844.496.3866 or email alfonso@yofumo.com.

About Yofumo Technologies

Yofumo Technologies provides solutions for decontamination and curation built upon patented ozone decontamination and years of innovative engineering experience. Yofumo’s proprietary decontamination process allows for the preservation of terpenes while completely cleaning product or remediating a contaminated harvest. Yofumo is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and has field locations in Houston and Buenos Aires.

To learn more about Yofumo, visit our website, here.

Alfonso Campalans
+1 844 496 3866

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